A building reflecting design thinking at its best

The Hasso Plattner d-school Afrika* building encapsulates design thinking in every way. This architectural marvel located at UCT's middle campus is a 4-story building and breaks all rules on what a traditional academic space would look and feel like- a space where innovation comes to life.

From KMH Architects collaborating with students and faculty in the design process to the implementation of sustainable best practice, the premises at the University of Cape Town are a living monument to the power of creativity in implementing change.

Faced with the challenge of an 8.5-metre cross fall between the highest and lowest points, the design team conceptualised and produced a four-storey building that includes teaching, administrative and collaborative spaces on the upper levels while boasting ample underground parking below.

The striking aesthetics of the building is the result of the concrete framed structure being covered by a large steel lattice shell and glass roof. The effect is a harmonious marriage between the school and surrounding landscape.

There is minimal reliance on the grid thanks to the inclusion of solar panels, low-energy light fittings, thermo-active building systems (TABS), rainwater harvesting and water-saving fittings, putting the Hasso Plattner d-School Afrika* building in line to achieve a six-star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa.

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